Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership

Once the background check has been completed, the applicant will receive a letter of approval along with membership payment instructions. Upon making the membership payment, the applicant will receive their Membership ID via email from Thailand Elite Visa.

Applicants can upgrade to the PLATINUM package for an additional 1 million THB to add family members onto the program. This tier provides the following benefits:

1. 5-year multiple-entry visa

The Platinum Membership offers a 10-year membership term, 35 privilege points and a 5-year multiple-entry visa. It also allows you to invite family members at 1 million THB per member, allowing you to enjoy the experience with your loved ones.

The application process starts by sending a signed PDPA form, passport-sized photo, and the completed Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership application form to your chosen GSSA (General Sales and Services Agent). Once this is done, the agent will work with the Thailand Elite team to do the required criminal background checks.

Once the checks are complete, an approval letter will be sent to you along with instructions for your membership payment. This process should take around 4 to 6 weeks. When the payment is confirmed, you will receive a Welcome letter email from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.

2. 35 privilege points

Once a year, members will earn 35 privilege points which can be used for dining, shopping, health and wellness packages, sports tickets, etc. Any unused points will reset at the beginning of the new year.

Once the application has been processed and the background check is complete, applicants will receive a letter of approval from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. At this stage, they will also be provided with payment instructions for their membership fee.

Once the payment is confirmed, applicants will be issued with a welcome letter and their Elite Membership Number (EMN). At this point, they can then proceed to affix their visa at a Thai Embassy or consulate abroad. Once the visa is affixed, members can begin their lifestyle in style and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

3. 5-year membership term

Platinum Members enjoy a membership term that is the longest of any publicly available option. The membership itself has a duration of ten years, while the visa that comes with it is valid for up to fifteen years. This means that you can spend more time in the country as long as you are a member.

Additionally, members benefit from a seamless application journey without many of the complexities that other long-term visa holders must jump through. Moreover, members can also opt to have their background checks pre-screened and vetted. Lastly, members will be able to access premium real estate properties as well as a range of other exclusive privileges such as airport transfers, annual health checks, golf club membership, VIP seating and more.

4. 5-year family membership term

Many travelers find dealing with immigration paperwork a hassle when it comes to traveling abroad. The Thailand Elite Visa solves this problem by combining a card membership with a visa.

The program includes the opportunity to open a bank account in Thailand, assistance with completing 90-day reporting through an Elite Personal Liaison, and a 24/7 member contact center. There’s also a wide range of privilege points that can be used for a variety of different experiences and services, including supercar test drive opportunities, premium shopping experiences, birthday river cruises, and co-working spaces.

The Platinum package offers a five-year family membership term and 35 privilege points. Those already holding a previous Thailand Elite package can upgrade to the Platinum membership for a fee in Thai Baht.

5. 5-year privilege points

If you qualify, your GSSA will forward all required documents, along with a completed and signed application form, personal data protection act forms, a recent passport-sized photo, and a membership fee, to Thailand Elite Visa Co., Ltd. The company will conduct a background check and approve your membership within 4 to 6 weeks.

The Platinum Membership package includes a 10-year membership term and 35 privilege points for the cost of 1.5 million THB. It is a great option for digital nomads, retirees, and families looking to solidify their long-term stay in the country. With this membership tier, you can enjoy premium shopping experiences, yearly health checks, premium restaurant and bar discounts, co-working spaces, insurance packages, wealth advisory services, and more. The most exclusive membership, the Reserve package, is only available through invitation and offers a 20-year membership term with 120 privilege points.

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