90 Day Reporting

90 Day Reporting

If you are holding onto a work permit from the business visa or have a 1 year marriage visa or for that matter a 1 year retirement visa then you need to report your address to Thai immigration every 90 days. This is normally done in person however they have allowed people to post their notification in as well. Each time you report your address they will place a paper slip into the passport to show when the last was that you had reported.

If you dont report they might make an issue of this the next time you apply to have your work permit or visa extended for another year. On another note short of the 90 day reporting. Once you have a 1 year visa or work permit you cannot leave Thailand without a re-entry permit. This is a sticker which goes into your passport so when you return the visa or work permit will continue from where you last left off. If you fail to apply for a re-entry permit before you leave Thailand then you will invalidate you visa and if you have a work permit they work permit will also be cancelled. This also hold for you if you have a 1 year retirement visa in Thailand.

If you need more information about your re-entry permit or your 90 reporting then speak to us online for assistance in this regard. See our main website for more details about your reporting and leaving and arrival from Thailand. Call us now.


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