Single Entry Business Visa

Thai Single Entry Business Visa

This is the most common Thai visa issued if you are wanting to work in Thailand. This Thai Visa is normally issued for 3 months and you need to apply for a work permit within these 3 months when you enter Thailand with this visa. The visa cannot be extended without a work permit. Once a work permit is issued then the visa is extended with the work permit normally being 1 year.

Many use the single entry business visa in Thailand to attend business meetings or to look at businesses or good to buy for export. when you apply they will want to know the reason for the Business visa. This can be either to conduct short term business or to apply for a job. If you are applying for a job they will require documentation of your qualifications, resume and if it is for the position as a teacher a letter from the school and the Thai Department of Education and also from the Labour Department. If it is for simply business then normally a letter from a business in your home country will do. If this is for a multiple entry visa then a letter of invitation for a Thai business is what will be needed. Don’t ever overstay your visa in Thailand.

It has become very difficult to obtain a multiple entry business visa in Asia and the single entry visas are now also becoming very difficult without a letter of invitation from a Thai registered business. If you are looking at visiting Thailand for the purposes of business or apply for a work permit while you register your business then speak to us at Siam Legal for more information and the process and procedures for a Thai business visa. Call us today or speak to us online.


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